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I Survived Three Rogue Strains of the Flu Virus Being Injected Directly Into My Body: A Survivor's True Tale of Survival Against All Odds

At 2:27 this afternoon, I was subjected to a bizarre series of experiments that culminated in three rogue (the “nurse” called them “dormant”) strains of the flu virus being injected directly into my upper arm, no more than four inches away from my heart. 9 hours later, against all odds, I’m still alive. I am […]

Black Thorn Review: Of Mice and Pizza

I had this whole glowing review written in my head even before I arrived at the Black Thorn Pub (St. Louis) on Friday. I’d been there before, so I was fully prepared to rave about their pizza and their shuffleboard table, insist that you go there, and further insist that you share a few slices […]