A Quick Concert Primer

Last night I went to the Kings of Leon concert at The Pageant in St. Louis. It was an incredible show–great band, great song selection, great crowd. And in a non-smoking atmosphere, to top it all off.

I did learn two things while observing the the bands (The Whigs and We Are Scientists opened for the Kings) and the crowds. Mark these down in your handbooks:
If you are in a rock band, you must wear skinny jeans. This is an absolute necessity. Your jeans must be so skinny and so tight that you should not be able to bend your legs at the knee. The tighter the jeans, the greater the musical talent.
If you are a fan of a rock band, you must own an iPhone. Another unconditional must-have. Not only should you own an iPhone, you should have it out for the entire concert. You should text on it, dance with it, and most importantly, take photos with it. Because in three years, you’re going to want to tell your friends about that time on November 3, 2008, you took grainy photos that you no longer have with a device that is now completely obsolete.
Long live the Kings!

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