From the Mailbag: Harry Potter

Question: Why doesn’t Harry Potter just wear contacts? –Suzanne Filmore, Sioux Falls

Suzy–Interesting query. Harry does have a distinctive style with those glasses–kind of the foppishly cool look previously perfected by Hugh Grant (also a former Hogwarts student). But do they make sense? Even just a few months into his first year of wizardry, it’s pretty clear that Harry’s going to encounter a number of danger-filled situations. He could lose his glasses at any point during a duel with Voldemort or a dragon chase or during a Quiddich match. Why not get contacts? Or even incorporate some sort of saline-based magic to heal his vision altogether. Surely there’s an equivalent of muggle laser-eye surgery in the wizardry world.

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  1. #1–Did Suzanne tell you you could call her Suzy? Maybe she goes by Suzanne.

    #2–True, Harry could lose his glasses during a Quidditch match; however, being a contact wearer myself and a avid Quidditch player(two time MVP, thank you very much), flying at that speed doesn’t give fair warning to bugs and debris. He could get something in his eye and his eyes will start watering and twitching and then that damn kid with the bleach blonde hair will conquer the world. Is that what you want? Is it??


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