The American Vote

I’m sitting here at my computer, refreshing so that I can see the election results as they pour in (particularly those from Virginia, my home state). For some reason I’m thinking of an attack ad I saw against Barack Obama the other day. The ad poses the following questions:

Would you get on a plane with a pilot who has never flown?
Would you go under with a surgeon who has never operated?
Would you trust your child with someone who has never cared for children?

Valid questions. Let’s get some answers. We have two major candidates running for president–of the two, which would you choose to perform the acts mentioned in that ad?
Who would you rather pilot a plane you’re on, Obama or McCain? I’m going to have to go with McCain here. Even though he’s probably not aware of much of the modern technology on the plane, he has flown planes before. The controls go to him.
Who would you rather perform surgery on you, Obama or McCain? Definitely Obama here. Both candidates are extremely intelligent, but Obama seems more self-assured and confident. He’d at least put me at ease before I go under the knife. Plus, his hands wouldn’t shake as much as McCain’s.
The tiebreaker: Who would you trust your child with, Obama or McCain? A tough one. McCain has that grandfatherly appeal–he’d probably give the kids a few hard candies and then encourage them to play war games in the yard. That’s good exercise. Obama, on the other hand, would shoot hoops with the kids for a little while, inspiring them to try longer, harder shots and to take responsibility when they threw the ball into the neighbor’s yard.
It’s very close, but I think the kids would walk away empowered and inspired by Obama. So I’d give him the edge. We’ll see if America thinks the same.

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