The Greatest Company in the World

No, it’s not Google. Or Amazon or Apple or the Shinehart Wig Company. It’s Ponoko. Specifically, I found out about it while reading Wired magazine last night. The short article posed the question: Have you ever had a great idea but you don’t know how to actually make it? Ponoko knows how to make … Read more

Do the Yankees Get ALL of the Free Agents?

Just saw that the Yankees are going to sign first-baseman Mark Teixeira, grabbing him from the two other teams who were trying to get him. They also recently signed the other two big free agents on the market, C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett (apparently they also like people who use initials for first names). So … Read more

The Legend of Tneeraja

The legend of Tneeraja, for those following on the comments board, is as follows: Two friends of mine, Trevor and Tracy, used to post quite a bit on my LiveJournal blog. Trevor used the name “T” to sign off his comments. Tracy, the Cain the Trevor’s Abel, coveted the “T” and declared that a contest … Read more

From the Mailbag

A few quick questions I need to catch up on: Whatever happened to Tneeraja? That bitch owes me money… Tneeraja is back, currently posting as “Anonymous.” This blog didn’t work on his work computer for a long time, but he’s posting from home now. Why do you have a third nipple? And don’t give me … Read more

How to Inject Yourself, Heroes-Style

I was watching my final episode of Heroes tonight (the show has gradually–no, rapidly–progressed to become one of the worst-written shows I’ve ever seen. Worse than Full House), and I couldn’t help but notice a trend that has persisted throughout this season: People stabbing themselves with syringes. I would think that if you had a … Read more

JoshVision: Question of the Day

QOD: We were all taught by GI Joe that “knowing is half the battle.” What are the other parts of the battle? Answer: This is a tricky question because as we can see in the chart below, despite what we’ve been taught, Knowing isn’t technically 50% of The Battle. In fact, it’s barely a third. But how … Read more

My Gripe with Bathroom Grips

Okay, that headline is a bit of a stretch, but bear with me. I have a longstanding gripe about public restroom door handles (the doors used to enter the restrooms, not the stall doors). I’m talking about rest-stop bathrooms, gas station bathrooms, restaurant bathrooms, places the general public uses. Here are the facts: 62% of … Read more