Cookies Baked by Angels

Answer me this: If I told you that you could purchase either (a) a cookie made in a factory in Hoboken or (b) a cookies made by angels, which would you select?

I think the answer’s pretty clear. Put that angel cookie in my mouth.
That was my thought the other day when a coworker told me about Angel Baked Cookies, an organization in North St. Louis (not a good part of town) that helps get kids off the streets and empowers them with the skills necessary to owCheck Spellingn and operate a small business.
Personally, I love the idea. I’m all about teaching kids about personal responsibility and making a difference. I think it’s nice that at Christmas, a lot of people “adopt” impoverished kids and buy them gifts, but what does that really teach those kids? Anything? Nope. But by buying delicious (yeah, I just had one…very good) cookies from Angel Baked, you’re helping kids buy their own Christmas presents.
Okay, that’s not a great tagline. Really, you’re helping these kids how to take circumstances into their own hands and “develop valuable job and life skills for future success,” as the website says. If you’re in St. Louis, pull up the website and give it a try. The $7 boxes make great Christmas presents for your coworkers.

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