From the Mailbag

A few quick questions I need to catch up on:

Whatever happened to Tneeraja? That bitch owes me money…
Tneeraja is back, currently posting as “Anonymous.” This blog didn’t work on his work computer for a long time, but he’s posting from home now.
Why do you have a third nipple? And don’t give me that “nubin” excuse…
I’m not quite sure when you’ve seen me with my shirt off, but I’m happy to inform you that it’s an inconveniently located mole, not a nubin or a nipple. His name is Delhomme.
Will you be doing a review of “Nailin’ Palin” on this blog?
Is that a reference to some YouTube video that’s gone viral? Or literally just Sarah Palin? If you’re talking about the woman, I applaud her hotness.