How to Inject Yourself, Heroes-Style

I was watching my final episode of Heroes tonight (the show has gradually–no, rapidly–progressed to become one of the worst-written shows I’ve ever seen. Worse than Full House), and I couldn’t help but notice a trend that has persisted throughout this season: People stabbing themselves with syringes. I would think that if you had a volatile substance that you needed to get into your blood, you would selectively choose a blood vessel in your arm and carefully inject yourself. Not stab the syringe into your arm or thigh (?!) with such force that you’ll probably hit bone.

What if all nurses injected patients the way the Heroes characters inject themselves? Many people are already nervous when getting a shot. Imagine if the standard procedure was that the nurse were to steady you by the shoulder and stab a needle into your sternum. I think people might choose tetanus over that.

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