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Today the comments board on my blog was more active than ever before, so I’m devoting today’s post to the good Americans, Canadians, and Indians who took the time to type out their thoughts (and none of them anonymously! You guys are awesome) about the blog.

“Definitely clip [six-pack rings]–they will probably still be around in the landfill long after you and I have left the earth…”

But which will die off first, birds or you and I?

“Can Wizards wear Rec Specs? They look good on this guy.”

Ah, that guy. Last seen in  the indie flick Harry Potter and the Conspicuously Large Goggles.

“Let’s be real. Only the Japanese think you’re Leo’s long lost brother.”

This is actually true. In Japan, a triage of Japanese schoolchildren  seriously thought I was Leo. Riding a school bus. Through rural Japan.

“Really? REALLY? Gabby gets a guest photo appearance on your blog? What about your prettiest class of 2005 Indian friend, Jamey? WHAT ABOUT HER???”

I honestly had no idea that my friends would be okay with me posting their photos on this blog. But apparently they are. One day Gabby’s going to be applying for some high-level governmental job (Secretary of Sediments), and the FBI is going to find that photo of my blog. He’ll instantly be hired.

“OK NQL, this means war. Of course a guest photo appearance of me. I am like the the 40 hands pokesperson, and besides I think you are supposed to say Native American. –Gabby “Mr 40 Hands” Izsak”

For those who don’t know, a 40 Hands Party is a gathering where you show up with two 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor and immediately have those bottles duct-taped to your hands. You cannot remove the bottles until you have finished off your drinks. This leads to an amazing amount of comraderie, spillage of beer, and attempts to pee off balconies after freeing your thumb.

“Showtime would be a good fit [for Loin Week, a competitor of Shark Week], but I fear that if ratings weren’t up to snuff it would quickly be and shipped off to Cinemax, ruining the true non-sexual spirit of the loincloth: minimal, yet functional.”

Ah, the lure of Cinemax. Remember when Everybody Loves Raymond went to the ‘Max? It just wasn’t the same…

As an end note, I want to plug the movie Let the Right One In. I saw an advance screening tonight, and it was great. Creepy, scary, suspenseful, and at it’s heart, a love story between two 12-year-olds.

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