Pet Peeve #34: Obnoxiously Loud Bar Bands

When I go to a bar–not a club, a bar–I’m there to talk with friends. Emphasis on the word talk. Not scream, not yell, but talk. Granted, it’s going to be fairly loud at any crowded bar, but there’s one factor that can really hurt your chances of hearing what other people are saying:

The bar band.
I was at a bar the other night where the band was playing so loud that it was as if they were playing for an audience in another bar, possibly another city. It was the type of band that takes nostalgic favorites like “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” and plays them with a little pep, as if people will start dancing and singing, but it wasn’t that type of bar. As a result, there were a hundred voices of people screaming at one another to add to the din.
Why do bands play so loud in settings where it’s clearly not appropriate? I think it’s ego. I think that the type of person who plays in a bar band wants more attention than they get if they just strum a guitar in the corner. They want people to hear there music and nothing else.
Bar bands, turn it down a notch. I bet you’ll attract a lot more fans if your music creeps up on them from the side instead of blasting its way into their attempted conversations.
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