The Legend of Tneeraja

The legend of Tneeraja, for those following on the comments board, is as follows: Two friends of mine, Trevor and Tracy, used to post quite a bit on my LiveJournal blog. Trevor used the name “T” to sign off his comments. Tracy, the Cain the Trevor’s Abel, coveted the “T” and declared that a contest should be held to determine who had the rights to use “T”. Around that time, my friend Pat stepped in and said that he also deserved a shot at “T”. Thus began a fight to the death that lasted 11 rounds, or, in modern-day terms, a haiku contest using the theme “Tea and Monkeys” (obviously).

However, despite their best efforts (well, decent efforts. Tracy didn’t enter the contest), a fourth party, my friend Neeraja, stepped in and won the contest with the following haiku:

Simian Sensei,
Tea in paw, kimono-clad,
Do not throw feces.

(Sidenote: My friends know that I have a penchant for all things Japanese, so all of the haikus were Japanese-themed above and beyond tea and monkeys.)

When Neeraja was declared the victor, if my memory serves me, in retaliation, Trevor immediately claimed “Tneeraja” as his commentor name. That’s the equivalent of the buying the domain name or

That being said, on the current version of this blog, Neeraja has been using “NQL” for her comments name for quite some time, not “T”. Trevor has been using the disappointing “Anonymous” moniker. So if Neeraja will release “T” to Trevor, perhaps the world will be at peace again. I think this has a decent chance of happening, particularly in today’s economy.

(Also, I have a horribly embarrassing–not incriminating, just embarrassing–photo of Neeraja and Trevor sharing a shawl that I would love to post on this blog, but I don’t feel right about doing so. Unless I get three comments on the board requesting it.)

5 Responses to “The Legend of Tneeraja”

  1. NQL says:

    Trevor can have the “T’. After I was done with it, it got a little slutty anyway.

    And also, I don’t know where that shawl is anymore 🙁

  2. Bob says:

    One pro shawl photo comment.

  3. Joe S says:

    Here’s another pro-shawl request

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love shawls. Post away!


    (That feels so liberating, like a blind man getting his sight back after 14 months of darkness.)

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