Top Festivus Grievances of 2008: 21-30

The countdown begins…. There were many, many grievances submitted at my Festivus party, so I had to pare them down a bit for the rankings. There were many accurate, insightful, and humorous grievances, but favor was given to those that offered some explanation as to why the person was grieving.

Nancy and I narrowed the list down to 30 grievances. Since some of those grievances were ours, I submitted the list to my friend Josh, who separated the top 20 grievances from the pack and then ranked the rest. You’ll find those below. 11-20, ascertained by my friend Gabby, will be posted tomorrow.
30. Friends who let friends pee on forest fires.
29. Nickelback–I freaking hate Nickelback. (followed by a “f**k yeah”)
28. T-Pain…the Samuel L. Jackson of music.
27. That Jack Johnson and John Mayer have so far managed to avoid incarceration/assassination.
26. License plates that describe the car (i.e., RD MSTNG).
25. People who walk into a room, silently drop a bomb, then stealthily walk out.
24. Cars in the right lane that prevent you from turning right on red.
23. Corn in my…everything!
22. Kazoos. Really? Are these things actually good for anything?
21. People who act like I’m failing a basic social obligation because I don’t carry gum.

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