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Management Tactic #29: Geriatrics

A couple years ago, I had a memorable staff meeting at work. During the first half of the¬†meeting, one staff member was particularly vocal about his/her displeasure with the performance of several coworkers. He/she ¬†consistently broke one of the golden rules of management: criticize individuals in private, compliment individuals in public.¬† An hour into the […]

Newsflash: Obama Selects Area Kitten for Cabinet

ST LOUIS, Missouri (AP) — Local kitten Biddy Stegmaier (I) has been offered the position of Secretary of Pinning Sheets to the Bed, an Obama insider says. Pending an official background check, Biddy will be sworn in with the rest of the cabinet on January 2o. “[Biddy] has the experience necessary for this job,” says […]