Pet Please #3: The Perfect Screw

It’s not perfect every time you do it. You can try eight, nine times in a night, hoping for that level of perfection. You can use different positions, different speeds, various twists and turns, but each time is unique. You can’t be too mechanical about it, or it’s just not going to work out. I’m … Read more

The Next Disney Poll

Several people have requested that the next poll be of the Hottest Animated Disney Male. Although that’s not nearly as fun as this last poll, it could be interesting. I’ll be accepting nominations in the comments section below. In the female poll, there appeared to be a trend where any female voters would vote for … Read more

The Winner

I just refreshed the poll for the last time at exactly 12:00 noon on Thursday, January 29, CST, and the results are as follows (total of 284 votes): Ariel: 117 (41%)     Belle: 19 (7%) Esmerelda: 8 (3%) Jane: 8 (3%) Jasmine: 75 (26%) Mulan: 5 (2%) Pocahontas: 47 (17%) Nala: 5 (2%) It’s … Read more