Boycotting Chi-Town

Nope, I’m not boycotting the city of Chicago. I’m boycotting the expression “Chi-Town,” as I think it’s misleading. As it stands, it’s pronounced “chai-town,”* but Chicago isn’t pronounced “chai-cago.” Chi-Town could thus be pronounced “shi-town,” but that sounds too much like a curse word, so I’m offering an alternative based on the mathematical symbol “chi,” pronounced “kai.” Henceforth, Chi-Town shall be pronounced “kai-town,” or not said at all.

*Now this is interesting. I originally posted that “Chi-Town” is pronounced “shy-town.” Then a friend told me that it’s actually “chai-town,” which sounded right too, so I changed it. Now Bob is saying that I was originally correct. Perhaps people pronounced this different ways. Uniformity must be established. Kai-town it is!