Football in 3D

I was at the movies yesterday (Marley & Me, actually good, maybe a post on that later) when I noticed a poster advertising tonight’s BCS Football Championship Game (Florida vs. Oklahoma) in 3D at the theater, live. I was intrigued…not intrigued enough to go dish out $9.50 to watch the event, since I can watch football at home for free…but intrigued enough to read about it online.

According to this article, Fox is actually employing a second camera team for the 3D broadcast that will capture the game from angles that will make the 3D especially exciting. So one camera might be watching a go-to receiver as he stretches for a catch…and it’ll look like he’s jumping off the screen at you.

I have to say, this is a pretty interesting use of 3D. Not everyone can be at the big game, but if you can somehow simulate that experience in a theater (or home theater), that’s immersive entertainment at it’s best. In fact, as the technology develops, it could potentially be better than being at the game, because you might feel like you’re on the field with the players. You could feel Tebow escape the pass-rush via the 3D Tebow-cam. Sweet.

Also sweet is that Fox got fan feedback before establishing their plan for the game, and apparently the advice was to make sure there was a 3D cheerleader camera. No joke. That might be the best part.

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