How I Celebrated My 28th Birthday

Yesterday (January 9) was my 28th birthday. I’m particular about birthdays. For some people, their birthday is a big deal. Many people I know don’t like to acknowledge that they’re one year older, and most want to be the center of attention on their birthday. I say that without judgment–it’s a big day, the day you came into this world, and you deserve to be celebrated.

Here’s how I celebrated my 28th birthday:

  1. I stayed home. Normally I’d go to work and pretend that everything’s normal, but I’m out of town and can’t actually go to work, so I’m at home. But I’m actually glad I’m out of town, away from friends–I love my friends, but the thing about friends is that they want to celebrate my birthday, and that’s one thing I don’t want to do. I want to take it easy, write, and relax. No parties, no surprises.
  2. I changed my birthday on Facebook to July 9. Yep. I did that a few days ago. Despite the fact that I don’t like to celebrate my birthday, I do feel good when people wish me a happy birthday. However, the one way you can ruin that feeling is to post a birthday message to my Facebook wall. I consider the wall the lowest form of human communication…it’s so impersonal and public that I consider it the equivalent of you going to my home and spray-painting “Happy Birthday!” on my front porch. Take three seconds and send me an e-mail or a text. And not just me, but anyone who has a birthday.
  3. I tried to give blood. This is a new one for me (on my birthday–I’ve given blood once before, a few months ago). It just feels like the right thing to do. Whereas I was given life on this day, perhaps my O-positive will give someone else life as well. However, when I got to the Red Cross, they told me that they close early on Fridays and I was too late! I’ll have to give in St. Louis in the next week or so to keep pace for my New Year’s resolution.
  4. I brooded over the fact that a movie called Bride Wars was being released on this illustrious day. Come on, Hollywood. Do you really know why people aren’t going to see movies as often as they used to?
  5. I bowled a 201. Don’t quite know how I did it, but I bowled the best game of my life, the first time I’ve ever eclipsed 200. With 6 strikes in the first 7 frames, it could have been even better.
  6. I celebrated with Nancy. Who was wonderful yesterday, by the way.

To anyone else out there who shares my birthday (Nick, Stephanie, etc.), congratulations. We have something completely random and ambiguous in common.

7 thoughts on “How I Celebrated My 28th Birthday”

  1. Wow you’re a real party animal…lol. I recently (as in the last few years) started to make a small deal about my birthday (because I’m over 30 now and have to fight the fact that feel older than I am). Prior to that I never really mentioned it to anyone when my birthday was, but someone once told me I was being selfish by not telling people (still haven’t figured that one out). Now I tell people to make donations to various charities if they feel they want to give me something, or I tell them not to get me anything at all, because I truly don’t need or want a thing. I’d rather just have the gift of good times, good friends, and great memories.

    • Really? That’s a pretty amazing stat. It just seems odd to me that people (me included) are delighted when they learn that someone else shares their birthday. It seems like such an amazing coincidence (which, as you say, isn’t all that amazing), but in truth, what does it matter? Unless you were actually born at the same hospital, you have nothing more significant in common than before.

      You all know I posted this blog entry over a year ago, right? I’m now an ancient 29.


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