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How I Celebrated My 28th Birthday

Yesterday (January 9) was my 28th birthday. I’m particular about birthdays. For some people, their birthday is a big deal. Many people I know don’t like to acknowledge that they’re one year older, and most want to be the center of attention on their birthday. I say that without judgment–it’s a big day, the day […]

Fist Names: More Important than Your Middle Name

It is my wish that none of you ever have to get in a fist fight. I never have, and I hope to keep it that way. What’s my secret, you ask? Do I consistently choose flight over fight? Am I quick with diffusing wit? Do I simply avoid dive bars, raves, and elementary school […]

Who the Hell Is Nancy? Part 1

Some readers may have noticed that I’ve been sprinkling in mentions of a “girlfriend” who may or may not be named “Nancy.” Perhaps you’re wondering “Who the hell is Nancy?” Nancy has written a three-part series to respond to this query–I’ll post the next entry one week from today, and then the last to follow […]

Football in 3D

I was at the movies yesterday (Marley & Me, actually good, maybe a post on that later) when I noticed a poster advertising tonight’s BCS Football Championship Game (Florida vs. Oklahoma) in 3D at the theater, live. I was intrigued…not intrigued enough to go dish out $9.50 to watch the event, since I can watch […]

Boycotting Chi-Town

Nope, I’m not boycotting the city of Chicago. I’m boycotting the expression “Chi-Town,” as I think it’s misleading. As it stands, it’s pronounced “chai-town,”* but Chicago isn’t pronounced “chai-cago.” Chi-Town could thus be pronounced “shi-town,” but that sounds too much like a curse word, so I’m offering an alternative based on the mathematical symbol “chi,” […]

2009 Resolutions

After reviewing my 2008 Resolutions, I realized that a number of them were hard to quantify. And I love to quantify things. I look at things objectively, not subjectively. So this year my goals will be more concrete, more measurable. Here we go, in no particular order: Write 12 short stories (1 a month, if […]

Resolutions 2008: Mission Accomplished?

Last year on January 3, I submitted a press release to all major newspapers with my New Year’s resolutions. Due to space issues, no publication picked up the release, so I posted it on this blog instead. What’s the point of publicly posting one’s resolutions? Mostly accountability through shame. I don’t believe in the idea […]

The Books I Read in 2008

Looking at this list, it doesn’t seem comprehensive. I’m sure there are books I left off this list, but I just can’t remember what they are. Nonetheless, here are the books I read in 2008. I decided not to rank them, as they are all worth reading. Some have better ideas than they do stories […]

The First Movie I Watched in 2009

When Slumdog Millionaire started getting press and awards, I was dubious. How could a movie about a kid on India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” trying to find his destined love be all that special? After spending 2 hours with that kid, I know why his story makes such a special film. […]

My Favorite Movies I Watched in 2008

As is my way, my list of the top movies of 2008 includes any movies that I saw this past year, even if they came out in 1942. One thing I noticed about a lot of the movies I saw this year is that they transcended the categories I’ve blocked them into here—Iron Man isn’t […]