Pet Please #1: The Box That Smiles

A friend of mine and frequent commenter, Bob, suggested to me today that I balance out the pet peeves I discuss on the blog with occasional mentions of life’s little pleasures and surprises. He has a point–if you look at the list of tags on the right side of the screen, newly sorted by frequency instead of alphabetically, you’ll see that I have 15 tagged posts about pet peeves. I complain and criticize a lot, sure, but I also like to think that I notice some of the idiosyncrasies that make life so amazing.

Problem is, there’s no antonym for “pet peeve.” Thus, I’m coining a new term: a pet please. A pet please is a little joy in life, a little pleasure. Pet please entries will be short and sweet, because they’re better experienced than read about.
Thus, without further adieu:
Pet Please #1: The Box That Smiles

Coming home to a loving pet or significant other is a great joy. But perhaps even greater is being greeted at the door not by a person or a cat, but rather by an unexpected package. There’s something so purely happy about the Amazon box–that simple smile on the side, the unmarked packaging hiding the mystery of the contents. It’s a corrugated treasure chest, delivered right to your door. Nothing beats that.

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