Resolutions 2008: Mission Accomplished?

Last year on January 3, I submitted a press release to all major newspapers with my New Year’s resolutions. Due to space issues, no publication picked up the release, so I posted it on this blog instead. What’s the point of publicly posting one’s resolutions? Mostly accountability through shame. I don’t believe in the idea of only trying to improve one’s life through once-a-year declarations, but writing them down as they come to you does make a difference. Plus, posting them here allows me to revisit them from time to time over the course of the year.

I’ll post my 2009 resolutions tomorrow; for now, here are the lists of Resolutions Achieved and Resolutions Failed:

Resolutions Achieved

Get published: I could write a paragraph on each of the following resolutions, but I won’t (see Resolution #10: Write shorter blogs). However, a few things happened this year that are significant in this category. First, my blog was picked up by the Riverfront Times for their “Best Blog of the Week” column. Second, as of yesterday, for the first time ever, a short story of mine will be published in a literary magazine. I literally just got the acceptance e-mail yesterday from the editor of Strange, Weird, and Wonderful magazine. It’s a free quarterly e-zine, which slightly downplayed this accomplishment, but they’re still fairly selective, only accepting 9% of all submissions. And I’ll get paid for it! I’ll post a remind here to download the spring issue of the magazine so you can check out my story, “Lambs for the Slaughter.” After that I’ll go on book tour and will be pretty busy with press junkets (first I need to find out what a “junket” is. Is that the feminine form of “junk?”), obviously.

Eat less frozen food.
Give more, take less.
Be a better listener.
Be less critical of people.
Giving parents full attention when talking on the phone.
Fart 20% less.
Write something every day.
Write shorter blogs.
Touch my hair less.

Resolutions Failed

Finish the novel.
Gesticulate less while on the phone.
Watch TV only while eating/multitasking.
Don’t speak about others behind their backs.
Learn what words mean and how to pronounce them.

0 thoughts on “Resolutions 2008: Mission Accomplished?”

  1. Congrats on getting published! Free e-zine may it be, it’s a start.

    I think you’re on track with your assessment of the meaning of “junket.” Why, just the other day, I commented upon “all that junket in the trunket” a woman had as she walked by me.

    But unless you show me the readings of a Fartometer that’s been strapped to your ass for the past year, I’m inclined to believe that your claim of a 20% flatulence reduction is just wishful thinking.


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