Supersize Me, NBC

Remember those “supersized” episodes of Friends that took 40 minutes to watch but were really just as long as normal episodes because of all the commercials (okay, commercials plus one or two scenes that should have been deleted and wouldn’t make the cut for a normal episode)? Remember those?

I want supersized Office and 30 Rock episodes. Every week.

If you’ve ever looked at the online deleted scenes from those two shows, you know that they could have made the cut–there’s just not enough time. So supersize them. Give me more!

I’m looking forward to the hour-long episode of The Office after the Super Bowl (The Game-That-Must-Not-Be-Named-Without-Paying-Royalties). I think. Do I really want to add more TV to 4 hours of uninterrupted TV? I guess I’ll make an exception for The Office.

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