The 2008 Playlist

Last year, I posted a playlist of my favorite songs that I heard for the first time and purchased on iTunes in 2007.  In 2007, I purchased 192 songs. My favorites, the ones that best represent 2008 for me, are as follows:

  1. Revelry (Kings of Leon)
  2. Mama, I’m Coming Home (Ozzy Osbourne)
  3. Fake Empire (The National)
  4. Challengers (The New Pornographers)
  5. Death and All His Friends (Coldplay)
  6. White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)
  7. American Boy (Kanye West/Estelle)
  8. Burn (Ray LaMontagne)
  9. Singles Ladies (Beyonce)
  10. Killing the Blues (Robert Plant and Alison Kraus)
  11. Buildings and Mountains (The Republic Tigers)
  12. Look Me in the Eye (Geoff Reacher)
  13. Paper Planes (M.I.A.)
  14. Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe (Okkervil River)
  15. The Story (Brandi Carlile)
  16. A-Punk (Vampire Weekend)
  17. All My Love (Led Zeppelin)
  18. Say Goodnight (Jump Little Children)
Any suggestions based on that list? If so, please recommend specific songs. It’s always tough when someone says, “Yo, you should totally try The Dancing Cabbage, they’re awesome.” Give me a song to sample. That’s how I’ll get to know the band.

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