The Hottest Animated Disney Female

Amidst all the inaugural events this week, you may have missed a bit of important news. Over the last four days, a council has met in complete seclusion, cut off from the world, in the bowels of an Antarctic glacier. The 12 members of this council have sworn not to exit the chamber until they have answered the most important question ever to be asked among guys after having one two many drinks:

Who is the hottest animated Disney female of all time?

I can’t predict what the council will decide, but I can guess the top nominees. It’s up to you, fair readers, to vote on the accompanying poll. Your vote matters.

The Usual Suspects:

NOTE: Please don’t vote twice on different computers, or refresh cookies, or use different browsers, or change your IP address to vote more than once. Let’s keep this ethical. One vote per person, but you’re free to petition others to vote.