The Next Disney Poll

Several people have requested that the next poll be of the Hottest Animated Disney Male. Although that’s not nearly as fun as this last poll, it could be interesting. I’ll be accepting nominations in the comments section below.

In the female poll, there appeared to be a trend where any female voters would vote for the animated female who looked the most like themselves. I’m curious to see if that trend continues for the male vote.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Why not make it between the male love leads of the movies from the previous poll?

  2. I like it. Good thought. Maybe I can enter a “wild card” as the 9th entry.

  3. Patrick says:

    Why do you need a ninth entry? If you need somebody, put both versions of the beast in.

  4. Fair enough. I just like the look of having 9 instead of 8.

  5. Neeraja says:

    You can’t put the human version of the Beast in, he’s not even real. I think you should put in Dimitri from Anastasia.

    Trust me. The ladies will come a-flockin’.

    Oh, and Tim showed me the, ahem, lascivious image he put on the flier that he handed out at a bar in order to get people to vote. Shocking.

  6. Is there a link to that image?

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