The Winner

I just refreshed the poll for the last time at exactly 12:00 noon on Thursday, January 29, CST, and the results are as follows (total of 284 votes):

arielAriel: 117 (41%)



Belle: 19 (7%)

Esmerelda: 8 (3%)

Jane: 8 (3%)

Jasmine: 75 (26%)

Mulan: 5 (2%)

Pocahontas: 47 (17%)

Nala: 5 (2%)

It’s a victory for mermaids and mermen everywhere. And a huge loss for Mulan, who ended up tied with an animal.

I’m not going to close the poll, because our children and our children’s children deserve to vote as well. Disney’s not making animated films anymore, so it’s not like we’ll have anyone to add to this list. Thanks for your votes. Any ideas for another poll that would garner this much interest and debate?