Welcome to the new blog! The domain name will soon be www.jameystegmaier.com, just as it was before; the only thing that will change is the feed name.

Other slight changes:

  • Pages: At the top of the page, you can see several different tabs (Guy Talk, Ideas, etc.). These are entries that I write on a fairly regular basis (or intend to) that are useful for a first-time or long-time reader.
  • Category Cloud: On the right sidebar you can see a “cloud” of categorical items based on how many entries I’ve written about various categories.
  • No More Truth: The “name” of the old blog was “Truth Against the World,” also the title of the novel I’m working on. However, the blog had nothing to do with the novel, so I’ve decided to forgoe that name for now. Really, this blog is all about my thoughts, opinions, ideas, advice, and attempted humor. My name is the domain name. That’s pretty much all I need.

There are other new widgets and gadgets and gizmos on the sidebar, and you can obviously see that the new clean look is nice (I may change the banner image, though–any thoughts?). Overall, I hope you all like the new blog.

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