Who the Hell Is Nancy? Part 2

So now you know that I’m a legal drug dealer—a pill pusher.  What else do I deem somewhat interesting enough to share, you ask?

My Ethnicity: I’m Egyptian

Ok, let me explain.  I wasn’t born in Egypt.  My parents were born and raised in Alexandria.  My parents have your typical “how we met” story involving my father coning the Egyptian government into releasing him from serving in the Egyptian army for “medical reasons,” moving to Europe with $40 dollars in his pocket, selling newspapers in the streets of Austria in the dead of winter, being courted by a gay man that dad claims “really looked like a woman,” and saving enough money to move to the U.S.  He finally returned to Egypt to visit his family, met my mom at church, and asked for her hand in marriage that day.  They wrote letters for a year until dad could go back to Egypt, marry her, and return to America with her.

Being Egyptian and being raised in that culture has allowed me lots of opportunities.  First of all, I was the most popular girl in school (no I wasn’t…I was weird and awkward and everyone was scared of my father because he had/has a mustache and wore aviator eye glasses).  I got invited to the best parties (no I didn’t.  My curfew was 11:30pm…still is).  I travel through airports with ease (no I don’t.  I get searched b/c I’m brown).  I’ve learned a lot about my heritage and I embrace it. 

So I wanted to share the most common questions I get asked when people find out that I’m Egyptian:

Question #1: So have you ever been to Egypt?  Have you seen the pyramids? Do people live in pyramids?

Me:   Yes, yes, and really?  My entire extended family still lives there.  We used to go every other year growing up.  The pyramids and Sphinx are fascinating (and currently unoccupied).  Just make sure you’re with someone who speaks Arabic or else you might get sold to a local for 50 camels. 

Question #2: Do the dumpsters behind the cafeteria on Washington University’s campus really smell like Egypt?

Me: Why yes!  How did you know that?  If you want to get a feel for what Egypt smells like, take a walk by the dumpsters.  

Question #3: Have you seen that video “Walk Like an Egyptian?”  Do people in Egypt really walk like that?

Me: Really?  Is that a serious question?

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