Who the Hell Is Nancy? Part 4

I’m back by popular demand (and by popular demand, I mean one person told Jamey that he liked my blog entries so I decided to write an entry every once in a while)!  I’m going to provide what the masses want and if the masses want more Nancy, the masses will get more Nancy.  Or … Read more

Floodlights + Camera = ?

A friend asked me to accompany him today as he visited two condos. He’s thinking about buying one of them, and he wanted my opinion since I went through the condo-buying process a few years ago. Both condos were in very nice neighborhoods; both were upscale units that would appreciate well. One had been vacant … Read more

Lenten Calendar

You know how there are Advent calendars for the 24 days leading up to Christmas in December? Every day you open a little cardboard door to find a piece of chocolate waiting for you. For Lent, the season of sacrifices when many people give up candy or treats, there should be a similar 40-day calendar. … Read more

Pet Please #4: When You're Not in the Wall

I’ve played soccer ever since I came tumbling out of the womb. Played it my whole life. Love the game. There’s nothing better than taking a pass off the chest, dribbling past several players, performing triple rainbows culminating in a bicycle kick into the old onion bag. Yep. That never happened. But it could have. … Read more

Management Tactic #38: Fodder

Starting a conversation comes naturally to some people. I am not one of those people. The best way I know to start a conversation at an event, reception, or happy hour, is to introduce someone (even if it’s someone you just met) to someone else. It also gives you a chance to relearn that person’s … Read more

Summer Internship Application

“I’ve been reviewing Darren’s internship journal. Doing laundry, mending chicken wire, high tea with a Mr. Newman?” “Well, it all sounds pretty glamorous, but it’s business as usual at Kramerica.” “Far as I can tell, your entire enterprise is little more than a solitary man with a messy apartment which may or may not contain … Read more

Adopting Me

In case you’re interested in delving a little deeper into the life of Jamey Stegmaier (or are intrigued by the idea of adoption), you can check out this article that I wrote for an online Christian magazine: Adopting Me: An Adopted Child Shares His Perspective