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  1. Glad to have read the article, thanks for posting. And I look forward to hearing your birth mother’s perspective. On or off-line, I’d be curious to hear: how did these dual perspective articles on your adoption come to be?

  2. Bob, thanks for your comment (and Charles, you too). These articles came to be when I connected from an old high school classmate whose sister works for Crosswalk.com. She mentioned that she was looking for articles from the perspective of adopted children–which she had never published–and I volunteered to share my story. I hope it helps parents considering adoption get a realistic picture of what adoption means to an adopted child, and how making that information transparent to the kid makes a big difference.

  3. Dear Jamey,

    I know your birthmother and have already read the article she prepared as the follow-up to yours. She is a kind, generous, loving, and faith-filled woman and I can see that you are a fine man, worthy to be called her son, and a living testament to the loving arms into which she placed you 25+ years ago.
    I am the adoptive mother of three, and your article moved me in ways that words cannot begin to convey. My children are wonderful, loving people of whom I am deeply proud, and I love the three courageous women who gave them life as much as I love them.
    Thank you for telling your story. Adoption can be a beautiful process, and it can show us just how much we can love.

    • PB–Thank you for your comment. It’s wonderful to hear from someone who is connected to my birthmother. I agree that adoption can be a beautiful, selfless process (both from the perspective of the birthmother and the adoptive parents); I hope your children feel as blessed as I do.

  4. Yo, I told you that I’m actually your father, right? No? Man, I thought I told you that. Oh well. Look forward to the hair loss thing. It’s not so bad once you get used to it.


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