Floodlights + Camera = ?

floodlightsA friend asked me to accompany him today as he visited two condos. He’s thinking about buying one of them, and he wanted my opinion since I went through the condo-buying process a few years ago.

Both condos were in very nice neighborhoods; both were upscale units that would appreciate well. One had been vacant for a while, but the other was still occupied. The couple in that condo was clearly very well off–they had a beautiful kitchen, nice appliances, plush furniture, and the biggest television I’ve ever seen in person.

That unit had two common areas. One contained the aforementioned television and some furniture, while the other was empty save a desk, a mounted interior floodlight, and a video camera on a tripod. I walked past these items a few times without thinking about them, but finally I did a double take. What does this couple do with all that equipment?

  1. They film sex. I think that’s what most people think when they see bright lights and camera equipment. Makes sense, except why wouldn’t they keep the equipment in their bedroom or hide it somewhere? The place was otherwise tidy.
  2. They film a webcast. This makes more sense, considering that the camera was pointed at the desk. But there was no microphone–camera microphones aren’t powerful enough for webcasts–and no green screen (not necessary, but they’re pretty cheap). Plus, this couple seemed really well off–could they possibly be earning enough money from these webcasts to afford such a nice place? How?
  3. Something else I can’t even think of.

So I present this quandry to you, dear readers: What does this couple do with the film equipment and the desk?

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