The Hottest Animated Disney Male

Following the success of the Hottest Animated Disney Female poll, and by request of several female (and a few male) voters, below is the poll for the Hottest Animated Disney Male. A few stipulations:

  1. I tried to match the males with the females from the previous poll.
  2. It’s a lot harder to find photos of Disney leading men than women, so a few are missing. I couldn’t find a clear print of Prince Charming (Beauty and the Beast), so you’re just getting the Beast himself. I know the Hunchback wouldn’t win, so I looked for the other guy in that movie, Phoebus, but couldn’t find anything for him either.
  3. Dmitri


    I did not include Dmitri from Anastasia, because that’s not a Disney movie. Plus, heĀ just isn’t that good looking.

  4. You’re welcome to recruit your friends to vote or post a note about the poll on Facebook, but please only vote once yourself. It ruins the fun if people vote twice (or 20 times).
  5. I think it’ll take a little extra time to get this poll rolling, so the polls will close on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 (CST).