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fringeThere are two great paranormal science fiction shows on network television right now. The obvious one is Lost. The other, the one that I’m here to recommend to you today, is Fringe.

I’m writing about Fringe today instead of Lost because following yesterday’s episode, Fringe announced that it wouldn’t be returning until April, when it will resume with seven straight episodes. That’s bad news for those of us who are hooked on Fringe, but good news for those who haven’t gotten into it yet. Here’s your chance to go to and catch up.

Some common questions about Fringe that people ask me on the street:

Why should I watch Fringe?

You should watch Fringe because every episode is a self-contained mystery with an element of weirdness that actually makes sense scientifically. Also, there is a greater mystery/conflict that is intertwined through many of the episodes. Every episode will keep you on the edge of your couch.

So if I haven’t watched previous episodes, I won’t understand what’s going on?

This isn’t Lost. You could watch a random episode of Fringe and really enjoy it. But there were some big things revealed in yesterday’s episode that will make you want to have watched the previous episodes as well. That’s why now is a good time to catch up.

Are there more questions than answers?

There are some big lingering questions, yes. But I’ve been surprised at how many of those questions already have partial answers.

Is it better than the X-Files?

I don’t know; I never watched the X-Files. I’ve heard from those who have that it’s similar, but I don’t think it’ll suffer from the growing pains the X-Files had when it tried to stretch what should have been a 5-season run into 10 seasons.

Will I laugh? Will I cry?

You will laugh a little bit. The old crazy scientist has some great lines, as does Pacey. You probably won’t cry, but you will care about the characters.

Why are you following me down the street?

I was hoping for a piece of that oversized cookie.

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  1. I watched an episode of Fringe recently and really didn’t like it. Beyond the incomprehensible plot (something about a dude being killed by a hallucination with a connection to a defense contractor) and sideplot (a dead guy’s memories implanted in that redhead’s subconscious and released only in an iron lung filled with LSD, I think), it just didn’t do anything to separate itself from the numerous other paranormal-themed, sci-fi shows out there. Any and all comparisons to The X-Files are ridiculous. You should go back and watch that instead.

  2. It just didn’t grab me. Maybe I caught the most boring episode of the season. I got the first season of The X-Files for Christmas and what I saw from Fringe just didn’t compare.


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