A Surprise on the Amazing Race

Back during my junior year abroad in Japan, we were starved for American television. Japanese game shows may seem cute and fun when you’re over here in the States, but when they’re the only thing on TV, a healthy does of Friends is the perfect medicine.

So one day, a good friend of mine, Tammy, got a tape of American shows from her brother. It was an amazing gift, the perfect care package. We sat around watching Friends, the Amazing Race, and Coupling (the British version, oddly enough) for hours. We were cured of our need for American television, and we went back to pretending we were Japanese.


This is the first time I've seen Tammy in her underwear. I swear.

This is the first time I've seen Tammy in her underwear. I swear.

Jump forward to this evening. I had nothing saved on TiVo, so I turned on live TV–which I hardly ever do. It was on the Amazing Race, which I don’t watch, but it’s good for a random hour of entertainment. I went about getting ready for dinner. All of a sudden I heard a voice on the TV that I recognized. I looked up, and there was Tammy.


Isn’t it odd that when someone you know is on TV, you feel like a celebrity too? That’s totally how I felt. Not only was Tammy on the show, but she’s on it with the brother who sent her the videotapes when she was in Japan. Which makes sense–he must have been a fan of the Amazing Race for years.

Even better, they won their leg tonight, so they’re in first place. I’ll be watching and rooting for them the rest of the season.

Oh, and I found a photo. Apparently they had to race in their underwear for one of the episodes. I’m not objecting.