The Best Bartender in the World

The best bartender in the world works in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His name is Thomas. He makes exactly three drinks a day, one of each of the following.

  1. Cuba Libre (rum and Coke): “Not Pepsi, not RC Cola, only Coke.”
  2. Daquiri (rum, lime juice, and sugar)
  3. Mojito (rum, lime juice, fresh spearmint, and sugar)

He’s confident and manly, but not threatening to other men. He speaks with the cadence and inflection of Obama. He is fluently bilingual.

He works on the tour of the Bacardi plant in San Juan, showing tourists how to make those three simple drinks. The drinks are so perfect that no one can drink them. It would be like giving the sun a hug. Too much brilliance for the human body to handle.

Visit Thomas and watch the master at work. You will walk away in awe, knowing full well that you just met the best bartender in the world.

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