Twin Day

Three years ago at the publishing project management company I used to work for, my coworkers and I were enjoying lunch together in the meeting room (it was a small office). Halfway through my sandwich, I looked over at my coworker, Tracy, and realized that she and I were wearing similar outfits.

“Hey, we match,” I told her.

Another coworker piped up. “Yeah, I was telling Alan earlier that we match too.”

Two other coworkers looked at each other and realized the same thing. Then two others.

Sometimes the stars align and you have a twin day. We had a twin day on March 1, 2006. Completely unplanned, completely coincidental, and very, very eerie. You probably wouldn’t believe it even if you had seen it. Fortunately, we took a photo, so take a leap of faith and salute Twin Day. The weirdest day ever.


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