A Few Things That Need to Be Said

(Courtesy of Charles of Judicial Peach fame) What’s with people always saying “thanks” when they perform a service for you? I asked my landlord for a copy of a key. She put it under my door with an envelope marked “Thanks!” She performed the service for me—wouldn’t her response be “you’re welcome?” Jamey: This is … Read more

Big Boys Don't Cry Pink Tears

I wrote a post about skinny ties last week that bemoaned the state of my “normal” tie collection (Skinny Ties: Thanks for Making My Entire Tie Collection Obsolete). As a result, I got some requests for photos of the ties that I mentioned in that post. Behold:              

A Ray of Sunshine: Concert Review

Thanks to Nancy’s passionate love for Ray LaMontagne, I attended a Ray concert with in Louisville yesterday. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended, made all the better by the beautiful girl by my side (I think her name was Brahbrah. Call me!). If you haven’t heard of Ray, now you have. … Read more

Beyond Measure

Trevor just sent me this photo of me digging a hole for his fence a couple of weeks ago. His girlfriend was so impressed by the “girth” of my “tricep” that she pulled out measuring tape. So ask yourself: Do I intimidate you?