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A Few Things That Need to Be Said

(Courtesy of Charles of Judicial Peach fame) What’s with people always saying “thanks” when they perform a service for you? I asked my landlord for a copy of a key. She put it under my door with an envelope marked “Thanks!” She performed the service for me—wouldn’t her response be “you’re welcome?” Jamey: This is […]

Management Tactic #18: Pay Your Employees to Quit

The first time I read about this tactic, I was awstruck by the audacity of it. There’s a company out there (maybe more than one–I only read about the one) that pays employees to quit after one month on the job. Picture this scenario: You get hired at a company. You go through training for […]

Management Tactic #52: Lunch

I’ll keep this short and simple: If you’re going out for a business lunch, decide what you’re going to eat before you get there. Go online to get the menu if necessary. The last thing you want during a lunch when you need to be “on” is to spend 5 minutes poring over the menu […]

Big Boys Don't Cry Pink Tears

Big Boys Don't Cry Pink Tears

I wrote a post about skinny ties last week that bemoaned the state of my “normal” tie collection (Skinny Ties: Thanks for Making My Entire Tie Collection Obsolete). As a result, I got some requests for photos of the ties that I mentioned in that post. Behold:              

A Ray of Sunshine: Concert Review

Thanks to Nancy’s passionate love for Ray LaMontagne, I attended a Ray concert with in Louisville yesterday. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended, made all the better by the beautiful girl by my side (I think her name was Brahbrah. Call me!). If you haven’t heard of Ray, now you have. […]

Mythical Animal Fight Club, Round 1

I’m exhausted, so I’ll keep this short and simple today:

Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

Trevor just sent me this photo of me digging a hole for his fence a couple of weeks ago. His girlfriend was so impressed by the “girth” of my “tricep” that she pulled out measuring tape. So ask yourself: Do I intimidate you?

Pet Please #8: The Wave-In

You know what really makes my day? When someone turns what appears to be insurmountable odds into something manageable. Specifically: Every day when I leave work, I am faced with a solid wall of cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Forsyth. The nearby highway in St. Louis is closed, so everyone uses this tiny road instead. […]

Book Review: Tunneling to the Center of the Earth

Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, the first short story collection by Kevin Wilson, is an impregnable force of fiction. It cannot be impregnated. By that I mean that it’s very, very good. I haven’t been able to put it down the last few days. Wilson is one of those authors who can seemingly […]

My Friend Will Do Your Chores

A friend of mine is taking part in a project where he and a few classmates start up a business in 48 hours. I agreed to post his business idea below. I don’t have any roommates, but I could see this being invaluable for people who do. Name one person who hasn’t had a tough […]

Skinny Ties: Thanks for Making My Entire Tie Collection Obsolete

Dear Skinny Ties, I would like to formally “thank” you for making my entire tie collection obsolete. It’s final. You’ve done it. 58 feet of silk and polyester, all dead to me. It started with Jim on The Office, then continued with Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Then, of course, the titular Chuck […]

The Greatest Bookstore in the World

Before today, I just assumed that the greatest bookstore in the world was Powell’s in Portland, Oregon. It has all the press, it’s huge, friends recommend it, and I enjoy their e-newsletter. Powell’s may be amazing, but thanks to alert reader Frank W., I learned about a new bookstore today. My friends, I present to […]


One loyal reader, John A., did the smart thing and signed up for the Mozy backup service today. So as promised, below is the exact poll that John requested. Life and death don’t hang in the balance of the results of this poll, but I’m curious about the results nonetheless.

Management Tactic #17: Compliments

I have a simple lesson to teach on today’s blog: How to accept a compliment. It’s rather simple. If someone gives you a compliment–at work, at home, on the field, wherever, whenever–all you have to say is this: “Thank you.” That’s it. Don’t deflect the compliment, don’t immediately compliment the other person, and for goodness […]

The Smartest Thing I Did Today

The smartest thing I did today cost me $83.16, significantly reduced my computer’s performance, and took 5 minutes of my time. Yes. I converted my CPU into a sandbox for the enjoyment of my kitten. No, really, today I noticed a blog entry from one of my top five favorite novelists, Lauren Groff, that deeply […]

UConn Junior Thabeet Entering MLS Draft

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – After much speculation, University of Connecticut junior Hasheem Thabeet announced today that he would be declaring for Major League Soccer draft eligibility. The 7’3″ basketball star, after leading his team to the NCAA men’s semifinals, decided to forgo a career in the NBA and instead play his childhood sport professionally in […]

Pet Please #7: The Forgotten Milkshake Phenomenon

I had the pleasure of going to St. Louis’ shining star in the north of the city, Crown Candy Kitchen, on Saturday morning. The place was packed, and many people who were in line before the restaurant even opened were stranded outside for over an hour. As with any olde fashioned candy shoppe, Crown Candy’s […]

The Seven Best Cities in the World for Writers

The Seven Best Cities in the World for Writers

(Note: The original list was for five cities, but the list has grown thanks to alert readers. If you have a city to add and the data to back it up, let me know. Also, I’m connected to an independent publishing company called Blank Slate Press, so if you’re a novelist or a reader of […]

Asian Women on TV: Where Are They?

Asian Women on TV: Where Are They?

I watch several sitcoms on a semi-regular basis. They are as follows: The Office (1/5) 30 Rock (0/3) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (0/1) How I Met Your Mother (0/2) My Boys (0/2) Better Off Ted (0/2) Scrubs (0/4) SNL (0/4) Entourage (0/0) (Yes, I admit to watching My Boys. It’s funny. I laughed out […]

Pet Please #6: Windshield Wiper Fluid

Pet Please #6: Windshield Wiper Fluid

I don’t know how often other people wash their cars; for me, it’s about twice a year. A good rain keeps the outside clean enough. Like it or not, though, grime accumulates. It builds up so slowly that I don’t even notice that my vision through the windshield is become decreasingly worse. Then, usually by […]

My Favorite Novelists*

*Tonight I’m hosting book club at my place, as I do every two months, and it got me thinking…who are my favorite novelists of all time? Immediately I thought of two brilliant novels I’ve read recently–Acacia and The Hunger Games–but I didn’t think it was fair to consider novelists for whom I’ve only read one […]

Armrest Rules on Airplanes

Armrest Rules on Airplanes

I’ve always thought there should be a standard set of rules regarding the acquisition and use of armrests on airplanes. Today I am creating these rules and posting them on the Internet for all of eternity. Two Seats (One Armrest) The first person to put his arm on the armrest becomes the owner of the […]

Management Tactic #31: The Camel Rule

Management Tactic #31: The Camel Rule

There is such thing as a stupid question. My advice would be not to ask it. I work in a Catholic church. In Catholic churches this time of year, we have something called a Passion play. It’s basically the story of what we believe happened to Jesus Christ on His last few days on earth […]

He Is Published

I made my fiction publishing debut today in the prestigious Strange, Weird, and Wonderful e-zine. If you’re hoping to curl up in front of the monitor for a little while with my story in hand, it’s available as a free PDF on this website. My story is “Lambs for the Slaughter.” I was recently informed […]