A Few Things That Need to Be Said

  1. (Courtesy of Charles of Judicial Peach fame) What’s with people always saying “thanks” when they perform a service for you? I asked my landlord for a copy of a key. She put it under my door with an envelope marked “Thanks!” She performed the service for me—wouldn’t her response be “you’re welcome?” Jamey: This is totally true, and I’m one of the people who do that. I’m always thanking people for things I just did for them.
  2. I had a fantastic bowl at Crazy Bowls and Wraps today. They’re doing something right over there, because the last time I stopped by (like 3 years ago), it sucked. Go do your mouth a favor and try a hot ‘n spicy chicken bowl today. It’s neither hot nor spicy, but it’s delicious.
  3. I did a rare thing today: I saved a show on TiVo to watch again in the future. Like, many, many times. The show was an episode of The Office that is so wonderfully delightful that you won’t want to watch anything again.
  4. 30 Rock was quite nearly as good, if not just for the opening sequence when Tracy Jordan plays the race card by literally handing Liz Lemon a card that says “Race Card” on it.

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