Management Tactic #17: Compliments

I have a simple lesson to teach on today’s blog: How to accept a compliment.

It’s rather simple. If someone gives you a compliment–at work, at home, on the field, wherever, whenever–all you have to say is this:

“Thank you.”

That’s it. Don’t deflect the compliment, don’t immediately compliment the other person, and for goodness sakes, don’t disagree. If anything, tag, “That’s really nice of you to say” on the end of it.

It’s human instinct to do all those things–for most, compliments aren’t easy to receive. For example, I recently complimented someone on their singing ability. That person’s response was, “Oh, well, I have a lot of training.” This wasn’t said in arrogance; rather, this was their attempt at deflection.

Bonus Point: If you want to make it a little easier for someone to accept your compliment, make it personal. Instead of saying, “That’s a pretty dress,” say, “I think that dress looks really good on you.” You’ve then made it personal for you and for them.

5 thoughts on “Management Tactic #17: Compliments”

  1. This should be taught in pre-school. It regularly amazes me how awkward people are about receiving compliments, when it really is so easy.

  2. Well, we aren’t always conditioned to do so. Parents should teach this. My exboyfriend had a hard time with these when we first started dating. And it shouldn’t be any compliment really. I mean let’s face it, certain ones disguise an agenda. That’s why thanks also works. It’s unassuming but if I pick up bad mojo, it keeps the distance. lol

    • I think that different people receive compliments in different ways. Like, Person A may enjoy compliments about their looks while Person B may appreciate compliments on personal successes. Either way, though, I think the best way to receive compliments (even if they’re not the type of compliments you like to receive) is just to say “thank you.”


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