Management Tactic #18: Pay Your Employees to Quit

The first time I read about this tactic, I was awstruck by the audacity of it. There’s a company out there (maybe more than one–I only read about the one) that pays employees to quit after one month on the job.

Picture this scenario: You get hired at a company. You go through training for a month, then your boss calls you into his/her office and offers you $2,000 to quit your job on the spot.

Do you accept the offer?

The company does this to determine who really wants to work there. To weed out people who are in it purely for the money and leave only the people who are in it for the mission. The people who believe in the company.

It’s a brilliant move for companies that can afford it. It’s really a good measure of the success of any work environment. If several employees are ready to quit after a month, than you’re doing something wrong.

2 thoughts on “Management Tactic #18: Pay Your Employees to Quit”

  1. I’ve heard of this as well. I’m curious about how the current economy affects this tactic. In a great economy, I’d think you’d have more quitters because they know they can get another good job. In a down economy, I bet fewer people can afford to leave the job.


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