Pet Please #7: The Forgotten Milkshake Phenomenon

I had the pleasure of going to St. Louis’ shining star in the north of the city, Crown Candy Kitchen, on Saturday morning. The place was packed, and many people who were in line before the restaurant even opened were stranded outside for over an hour.

As with any olde fashioned candy shoppe, Crown Candy’s marquee feature is their homemade ice cream. Specifically, their milkshakes. They bring all the boys and girls to their yard. They are so good.

And they’re huge. When you’re served a Crown Candy milkshake, you’re given an empty glass and a tall metal canister holding the liquid (that’s how you know it’s homemade). You pour the milkshake into your glass and proceed to drink it.

This may sound easy, but keep in mind that it’s hard for the human brain to comprehend the concept that there’s more milkshake when you’re finished your milkshake. So in any given meal at Crown Candy, you’ll experience what I call the Forgotten Milkshake Phenomenon two or three times:

“Man, I finished my milkshake…wait, there’s more in the metal canister!”

“Doh, I finished my milkshake again…sweet Jesus, there’s still more in the metal canister!”

“I can’t believe this milkshake journey is over…Rumpelstiltskin, I still have half a canister left!”

Each of these moments provides the lowest low followed by the highest high. These are the sweetest moments life can offer.

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