Red Cross and Twilight Partner for New Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC (AP) – The American Red Cross announced Wednesday that they would be partnering with the producers of the hit series Twilight for their new anemia awareness campaign.

Red Cross Marketing Director Pamela Pherson and Summit Entertainment’s Nicholas Trelp inked a 3-year deal that will tie at least two Twilight movie sequels to the non-profit.

twilight_book_cover“We’re confident that this move will booster blood donations and anemia awareness across the spectrum,” said Pherson.

Part of the motivation behind the partnership was Twilight’s emphasis on chaste seduction.

“We want to put the ‘sexy’ back into giving blood,” Pherson said. “[Twilight star] Robert Pattinson has made vampires sexy again. We feel our brands are aligning at the right time.”

Trelp indicated that the Red Cross would help take Twilight to the next level.

“Currently our market share is dominated by pre-teen girls longing to meet the vampire of their dreams,” he said. “If we could tap into the Red Cross’s core users–people with anemia, hemophilia, or victims of blood-loss–we could increase DVD sales alone by 15%.”

Pherson waived concerns that diehard Twilight fans would go to blood drives and ask for blood to be drawn from their neck instead of the normal location, the upper forearm.

“We get odd requests all the time,” she said. “Our nurses have strict instructions on what they can or cannot do. But if someone wants a token band-aid on their jugular, it’s not a problem. One pint of blood can save an anemic’s life.”

“That’s something we can sink our teeth into.”

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  1. As a Donor Recruitment Representative for the ARC, I was excited to hear of this partnership with Summit Entertainment; however, haven’t been able to find any other information other than what is on your website. Could you please provide contact information at the ARC so that I can inquire further?


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