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7 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Date

7 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Date

(Note: This is a post for guys. Ladies, all you have to do is look pretty, introduce us to your friends, and remember that we’re there…for you.) Having attended a whopping 13 weddings over the last 15 months, all but one of them with a date, and most of them as the date, I feel […]

The Lemonade Experiment

I want you to answer the following question with your gut response. You’re walking through your neighborhood on a hot, sunny day when you come across a kid with two pitchers of lemonade sitting on crates on the sidewalk. There’s a little sign between the crates that says, “Lemonade, $0.99 and $1.00.” If you have […]

Two Things to Never Say in a Wedding Toast

Two Things to Never Say in a Wedding Toast

 Over the last 15 months, I’ve attended 13 weddings and have been privy to countless toasts. I’ve learned a lot from watching other people’s mistakes. I could write a long list of all the things you need to know about a wedding toast (not too long, thank the hosts, no ball-and-chain jokes, make sure you […]

How to Use Twitter to Conquer the World

A friend of mine asked me today why I use Twitter. I realize I’ve mentioned it on the blog a few times recently, and I have that scrolling Twitter box on the right, so I thought I’d talk about how I use this service. Note that I’m a casual user–I post once or twice a […]

Alert! This Game Is Awesome

The other day I randomly checked my TweetDeck cloud, which shows me the words that are being tweeted the most that moment in the Twitterverse (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little at the overuse of Twitter-related words in that sentence…why are these words in my vocabulary?). Among the words in […]

Best. Burger. Ever.

There are a lot of great burgers in St. Louis. O’Connell’s. Seamus McDaniel’s. Hardees. None are better than the Liluma cheeseburger. If you come to St. Louis, get this burger. It’s so good that it didn’t even occur to me to add condiments when I ate one today. Didn’t even think about it. The meat […]

Friends Don't Name Names

Guys know not to name names. Movies teach us this. The honorable mobsters never snitch. They also don’t get killed when they enter protective custody. It’s more than just snitching, though. When someone asks you for names for anything that you wouldn’t want to do yourself, you don’t say a word. It’s common sense, a […]

JoshVision: The Epic of the Corolla, Part 1

JoshVision: The Epic of the Corolla, Part 1

Today is Josh’s birthday. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I asked him to write an entry he’s been stewing over for a week or so. You won’t be disappointed. The date is May 2, 2009. On my way to my sister’s wedding, I stop to get gas at a skuzzy little station just west […]

The Most Embarrassing Purchase at a Grocery Store

A long time ago, before I had the power to create polls on the blog, I posited that the most embarrassing single item you could buy at a grocery store was a plunger. I say “single item” because if you cushion the plunger purchase with other every day purchases, it doesn’t stand out as much. But […]

The Wire: Season Six: Who's That Lady?

The Wire: Season Six: Who's That Lady?

I have a special entry for you today, written by Nancy without provocation or prodding of any sort. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite like this. Enjoy it in its unedited form below. Hey there.  Nancy again.  So this is top secret information.  I trust that you won’t tell anyone.  So HBO has […]

Management Tactic #26: The Carrot Effect

The secret to being a successful corporate blogger is dangling something that your readers secretly desire right in front of them. I call this the Carrot Effect. Think about this from a reader’s perspective. To the average reader, blogs are something to read while you’re bored. Some are insightful, some funny, some inciteful (wordplay!), but […]

Pet Please #9: Nonsmoking Bars

Many of you live in cities where all bars and restaurants are nonsmoking. St. Louis is not one of those cities–not yet. So a true pet please for me is finding a fun bar that’s nonsmoking. A place in which you can breathe. A place where you can walk out of smelling the same way […]

Management Tactic #12: Run Your Meetings Like a Narcissist

I tried something a little different at today’s staff meeting that I’d recommend for some–but not all–meetings. I think it probably works best for meetings when you’re looking back over a set amount of time–a month, a quarter, or, in our case, a semester. Before the meeting, I asked everyone to come prepared to share […]

Even More Loyalty Than Before

In a blog entry a few months ago, I wrote about how a company called Crap, I Missed It! had created a service that contacted you whenever your favorite band or author was coming out with a new album, concert, or book (among other things). It’s a great service, very cool, works like a charm. […]

A Leap of Faith

Staying on theme with Mother’s Day, the third and final perspective on my adoption–this time from my parents’ perspective–has been published on The other two articles in the series are linked in the opening paragraph in case you need to catch up. Leap of Faith: Adoptive Parents Share Their Perspective

A Mother's Words

A Mother's Words

I’m reading a book called Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America, by Paul Tough. I just finished a section that delves deep into the reasons behind the question, “Why are poor people poor?” A few paragraphs jumped out at me with startling data that I wasn’t aware of. In the […]

Entourage's Sloan to Be the New Face of Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital

NEW YORK, New York (AP) – Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, known as her portrayal of “Sloan,” E’s girlfriend, on HBO’s hit show Entourage, will be the new face of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital, officials announced today. The hospital, referred to as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in medical journals, is starting a 3-year campaign that promotes […]

13 Protocols to Follow When You Ask Your Friends to Help You Move

Over beers at the Dubliner tonight, a few friends and I shared some horror stories about experiences we’ve had helping friends move. I think it’s time that the protocols for moving be put down on paper for all to see and refer to. These are from the perspective of the guy who needs help moving, […]

The Name Game

I’m in the process of selecting a name for a company I’m thinking about starting. I’ve polled some trusted friends and advisers, and I’m close to making a final decision. The process has made me really evaluate the value of a name, particularly in this dotcom world. You might think of the perfect name for […]

The Shadow Hare

This weekend, I became aware of a real-life superhero. A vigilante. A justice of peace on the streets. His name is Shadow Hare. Shadow Hare roams the streets of Cincinnati, enforcing the law with legal weapons (mace, pepper spray, etc.) and even making citizen’s arrests. He considers himself a symbol for justice and a living […]

10 Notes From a Newly Deflowered Derby Virgin

10 Notes From a Newly Deflowered Derby Virgin

A friend of mine in St. Louis travels to her parent’s house in Louisville every year for the Kentucky Derby. Her family hosts a bunch of people, whomever wants to go, feeds them, packs them on a rented schoolbus, and sends them off to the Derby. This was my first time going, so I’ve compiled […]