The Shadow Hare

This weekend, I became aware of a real-life superhero. A vigilante. A justice of peace on the streets.

His name is Shadow Hare.

Shadow Hare roams the streets of Cincinnati, enforcing the law with legal weapons (mace, pepper spray, etc.) and even making citizen’s arrests. He considers himself a symbol for justice and a living warning to all those who choose to interrupt the peace in Cincy.

I kind of like the idea of superheroes existing in real life, so I was intrigued. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed after watching Shadow Hare’s interview on News 5 in Cincinnati (see video below). He seems more like a disillusioned kid who’s going to get hurt, possibly killed…or maybe not. Maybe he’ll mature into a man who truly does protect the streets. We’ll see.

PS. Shadow Hare belongs to a group of superheroes called “The Allegiance of Heroes.” Maybe some superheroes shouldn’t wear tights…

2 thoughts on “The Shadow Hare”

  1. What an awesome news story. I think that kid’s as much a super hero as Dr. Pepper is an actual practicing physician though.


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