Wow. I’m not often flattered, but I am flattered right now. I knew about a month ago that my story, “The Urban Parasite,” was going to be published in one of my favorite online literary magazines, Reflection’s Edge. What I didn’t know until about 3 seconds ago was that my story was going to be … Read more


Does anyone else watch TED talks? I’ve determined they’re the perfect form of entertainment during lunch when no one else is in the office. I feel smarter after watching them. TED is an organization that hosts conferences based on the premise that there are brilliant people out there with “ideas worth spreading” (no, I have … Read more

The Egg Drop

On Tuesday, I gathered my staff together and gave them the following challenge: I asked them to drop an egg from the third floor onto concrete and prevent it from breaking. The guidelines were simple: The egg had to be dropped by me, an impartial party, and it had to land on the concrete. The … Read more

New Page

I’ve added a new page to the blog that I plan on updating pretty often. It’s called “TypeTribe,” and it’s about the process behind creating the web-based business I’m starting. What is TypeTribe? Stay tuned to find out. For now, check out the new page, particularly if you’ve ever thought about starting a web-based business.

Three Things My Father Taught Me

In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to devote this entry to my father, Jay Stegmaier. Dad lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with my mom. Here are three things that I’ve learned from my father due to the living example he set for me. Patience Dad is the most patient person you’ll ever meet. He takes … Read more


Just got back from my first David Matthews concert. Pretty amazing stuff. He ended strong with a huge performance of “All Along the Watchtower” and “Stairway to Heaven” combined together. Nancy and I, completely sober, were greatly amused by the swarms of high schoolers around us. There was one girl dancing in front of us … Read more

Stubborn Little Bubbles of Care

I read a must-read article today about Israel’s oldest newspaper giving its journalists a day off and asking 31 of its nations top authors and poets to write the articles and reports in their sted. The result, apparently, was a beautiful mashup of literary news. Here are some quick clips taken directly from the article; … Read more