Management Tactic #51: How to Hold a Beer


I dont know this guy. Congrats, dude. Youre famous.
I don't know this guy. Congrats, dude. You're famous.

Okay, smart guy, you think you already know how to hold a beer. Go ahead, tell me how.

Nope. Nope. And no, definitely not that way. That’s just gross.

When you’re at a social event, there are two things you need to know about holding your beer:

  1. Make sure it’s a bottled beer. Sure, that Schlaggermeisterfest on tap tastes awesome, but you’re going to spill on all those elbows you’re rubbing against.
  2. Hold it in your left hand. Your non-handshaking hand.

This takes some time to master, because if you’re right handed, you’re used to holding your beer in that hand. But it’s crucially important that you keep that hand dry and warm. Not wet and cold from the beer bottle condensation.

Why is this so important? Studies show that people will view your personality as warm and welcoming if your hands are warm. They’ll like you more after merely shaking your hand.

So the next time you’re mingling at event, like I was at a Wash U alumni mixer today, hold your beer in your left hand. People will like you more for it.

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