Thumbs Up for Party Down

The wonder of Netflix is this: You get movies delivered to your door, and when the movies are in the mail and there’s nothing on TV, as is the case in the summer, you can watch TV episodes or movies on your computer. Hulu does the same thing, but to my knowledge it doesn’t offer HBO, Starz, or Showtime content. Netflix does.

This is how I discovered Party Down.

If you want a show to watch over the next few weeks, get on Netflix and check out Party Down. The complete first season is online, all ten episodes. It’s light and funny, popcorn fare, but the characters are so well written that it makes the show worthwhile. The characters are real. You’ll end up caring most for the main character and his love interest, but the supporting cast is wonderful as well.

I also guarantee that you’ll laugh out loud. Perhaps many times.

Give it a try for the first few episodes, and if you don’t like it, all that you’ve lost is an hour or so of your time. Post your thoughts below once you check it out.

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  1. It’s funny you mentioned this b/c I did the same thing with Kitchen Confidential. Were you the one that mentioned this show to me? I think it aired for a month, but Brad Cooper was in it. Anyways, I got all ten episodes of Season 1 coming to me.

    What is Party Down about?

    • Party Down is about a group of caterers, all of whom are struggling actors in California. Each episode is structured around an event they cater–a wedding, a birthday party, an investment pitch, etc.

  2. I highly recommend Breaking Bad. Second season just finished airing so you can watch the first season on DVD until the second season comes out on DVD.

    Synopsis: A high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and is worried about providing for his family when he dies. So he starts cooking meth and selling it with a former druggie student to make money.

    So entertaining and well written.

  3. Yes! Party Down is awesome…watched the season a few weeks back. The high reunion episode and porn convention episodes are phenomenal. I also have a large crush on Casey.


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