Two Things I Haven't Lost at Since High School

I spent hours today working on the business plan and mockups for the site, so I’m wimping out on this post by throwing out two random facts about me. These are two things I haven’t lost at since high school:

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe: Yeah, it’s possible to never lose. In fact, it’s pretty easy. It’s one of my greatest assets, so no, I’m not going to tell you my secret.
  2. A Footrace: One of these days I’m going to tear my Achilles and I’ll find myself in a heaping pile of hubris. But for now, I’ll bask in the sunlight of undefeatedness.

What about the readers? What have you not lost at since you left the competitive grounds of high school?

0 thoughts on “Two Things I Haven't Lost at Since High School”

  1. Since high school, I have not lost:
    1. my integrity
    2. my keys (wait, thats a lie)
    3. my incredible sense of humor
    4. my boyish good looks
    5. one precious pound of fat (in fact, quite the opposite)
    6. one minute of time watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” or “King of Queens” (despite TBS’s best efforts)
    7. the desire to read this blog (wait, I think I just did)

    • It’s true. He’s gone an astounding 165-0-3 in ookie cookie since high school (the 3 ties came when “everyone won”). What he didn’t mention is that he was 0-19-2 in high school ookie.

  2. Two things I’d like to see, then:
    *A 10 mile race against me
    *A 100m race against Tim P

    I think both would push you. Do you still like your odds?

    • I like my odds big time. Well, with a caveat: I don’t race more than 100m. Beyond that it’s no longer a footrace, at least in my mind.

      100m race against Tim P? That’s easy (all due respect, Tim). I’m interested to race Gabe, though.

      • If it goes down against Gabe, you should definitely do it illegal street race-style: on a dimly lit back street or alley, after midnight, crowds lining the course, and a hot starting flag chick for the send-off. (Fortunately) I haven’t watched a lot of Fast and Furious movies, so I don’t know if I’m describing this exactly right, but you get the idea.

        • Oh yeah. The women will have to wear unnecessarily tight clothing and have expensive flags. And either Gabe or I will have to have some sort of illegal gear that we rev up excessively before the race.

          And then I’ll win.


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