What Are You Allowed to Do at Your Bachelor Party?

I saw The Hangover this weekend and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as funny or timeless as Old School (same director), but there were plenty of laughs, three-dimensional characters, bachelor party ideas, and an amazing sequence at the end when the credits are rolling.

The movie is about a bachelor party (more specifically, the day following a bachelor party). Over the course of the movie, you have a good idea of what happened that night. Some crazy stuff went down. And of course it was in Vegas.

Then tonight, a few friends and I were talking about what you’re “allowed” to do at a bachelor party. Obviously this depends on the couple–and probably in most cases, the woman–but I’m posing this question to see if there are some loose universal standards that can be followed. The poll allows you to choose more than one option.

Disclaimer: Just because I’ve included certain things in this poll doesn’t mean that I’d actually do them. I really mean that. In or out of a bachelor-party scenario. I feel a little dirty posting this in the first place, but I think some guys take the “anything goes” approach for bachelor parties. I really don’t understand that. It’s not like you’re temporarily free of your commitment or your moral obligations to–of all people–the woman you want to marry. You’re still with her. In fact, you’re quite close to being with her forever. But anyway, my qualms aside, indicate below what you think is appropriate activity for your bachelor party. If there’s something I’m missing, post in the comments section and I’ll add it.

Women: Answer this poll in regards to what you would allow your fiance to do at his bachelor’s party.