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TT_logo_cmyk-use meI’ve been encouraged by the early signups for the TypeTribe launch e-mail (sign up directly here–the 100th signup gets $25!), many of them motivated by an aggressive Twitter campaign I’ve been working on for a few days (see the bottom of the TypeTribe business page on this blog for more info on how I’m using Twitter to get the word out about TypeTribe).

But I’m realizing that I need to do more as I build a brand image. I need to gain consumer trust. I need to infuse TypeTribe with a personality.

That’s why I’m starting a short daily series on the TypeTribe blog called “Should’ve Used TypeTribe” (SUTT). You can see the first entry here.

In each SUTT entry, I’m going to make note of something written or something that originate from something written (like a movie) that could’ve been better if the writer(s) had created a customizable, targeted focus group on TypeTribe before finalizing their work.

The first example is an inane song lyric Nancy mentioned to me from a group called 3oh!3 (they need a TypeTribe for their group name as well).

There are tons of examples of things like this, but if you’ve ever heard, read, or watched something and thought, “If only they hadn’t said that, this would be great!”, post it in the comments below or on the TypeTribe blog. Or send it to me at and I’ll include it in a future edition of SUTT. Please be specific, down to the line if possible.

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  1. Is this supposed to be a venue for Type Tribe to examine the subject of the SUTT, or just an “ooh, gosh, did that really just happen?” kind of thing?


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