Singing with the Sopranos

As I’ve written about here in the past, HBO’s The Wire is the best show I’ve ever watched. Impeccably written and plotted, painful and heartbreaking characters, and great mysteries along the way. It’s an amazing show, all 5 seasons of it.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to watch HBO’s other epic show–no, not Sex in the City. I’m talking about The Sopranos. I’ve heard amazing things, so I signed up to get the discs on Netflix, and I plan on watching one episode a day during dinner until I finish the series. Hopefully that’ll be before the fall TV season starts.

What are your experiences with The Sopranos? Worthy of all the hype?

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  1. It is the best show I have ever seen point blank. I watched two seasons in a week at one point. Seasons 1-4 are amazing, Season 5 is OK.

    What I love about it is it takes you into the heart and soul of not only the mob but Tony’s family. That’s what the show’s really about – Tony and him dealing with his family while living a separate life that they kind of know about. It paints him as guy living a normal life, except he kills people, launders money, and leans on store owners for cash. I wish I could erase the memories of what I have already seen so I could pop in a disc and watch the series all over…it’s that amazing.

  2. The weekend before last, I learned that one of the characters from Season 3 of The Wire was based on my friend Sally’s dad! (He’s a reporter for the Sun)

  3. Season 1 & 2 are are good as any non-Wire season of TV. 3 is mediocre, 4 & 5 are both quite good and 6 was a colossal disappointment. The end.


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